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Our ethos at Nextgenediting is to provide an expert, personal, and professional service at all times. Our aim is to support each author from initial editing, through to publication, without hidden charges. That is why our standard editing of 0.08 GBP per word includes those features considered premium by others:

• All medical editing is fully substantive, taking concept, content, organisation, design and style into account.
• All scientific editors are
British doctoral-level scientists. All medical editors are British dual-qualified medical and doctoral clinician scientists. We do not hire students.
• Your manuscript will be
re-edited, including at the revision stage, at no extra cost. We work collaboratively with you until the manuscript is published.
• Formatting of the manuscript for the target journal is included and includes
figure and artwork reformatting (resolution, file type, size, colour, and font).
Word reduction is performed as necessary.
Advice on target journal selection and publishing strategy, if required.
Manuscript-specific recommendations from the editor.
Fast turnaround, usually 48-72 hours.

Optional services for manuscript editing:

Cover letter: 50 GBP

Cover letter preparation is often neglected by authors, which can be a costly mistake. As many as 80% of manuscripts are rejected by editors before peer review, and a compelling and professional cover letter can help you jump this first hurdle. We will write your cover letter, putting your research into context and ensuring that you have the best chance of getting published.

Private peer review: 120 GBP

It is easy to get so immersed in your own work that oversights in content, statistics, and language can lead to unnecessary errors. These can frustrate peer reviewers and lead to manuscript rejection. Let us iron out those errors before you submit.

24 hour turnaround: 150 GBP

Although the vast majority of our customers receive their edited manuscripts in 48-72 hours, sometimes deadlines need to be met. We can return your document within 24 hours, which will be edited to our usual high standards.

Plagiarism detection: 95 GBP

Are you confident that your paper will pass a journal plagiarism check? We will process a plagiarism check on your behalf using iThenticate.

Basic author services:

If you are happy with the content and language of your manuscript, you may just require basic services to help support your manuscript submission. While journal-style formatting of the text, references, and figures is included as standard in our manuscript editing service, you may wish to purchase these separately or choose some of our other support services:

Formatting to journal style (included in manuscript editing): 100 GBP
Image formatting to journal requirements: 15 GBP / image
Cover letter: 50 GBP
Response to reviewers' comments letter: 100 GBP
Private peer review: 120 GBP

Advanced author services:

Our graphic design team can turn your ideas and sketches into professional, publication quality images for 200 GBP per image.

Medical writing and media services:

We can help you, as an individual or institution, communicate your science to a wider audience. We can help you prepare materials for the press, public, fundraisers, and other stakeholders. As a forward-looking company who recognises the role that technology plays in modern science and medicine, we can also help you harness the power of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Vine). We charge on a per project basis. Please contact us for more information.

We accept payment by PayPal, which also accepts payment by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover) and purchase order (electronic bank transfer). Please email us if you require a written quote. There is no surcharge for paying via PayPal or credit card; however, if you pay a purchase order via a bank transfer, we charge 25 GBP to cover the charge levied by the receiving bank. All the information necessary to make your purchase order payment is included on your invoice.


Do you have funds which need spending on your research budget? The 'Nextgenediting Account' allows you to add funds to your Nextgenediting Account at any time and to use these funds to pay for future manuscripts uploaded for editing. Funds can be added to your account using Paypal, or with a purchase order via a bank transfer. After adding funds, you can checkout without having to re-pay, and we will automatically deduct funds from your account. We will send you monthly updates of your account balance.

How would you use this service? If you have £1000 left in your research budget and these funds will expire soon, you can add that £1000 to your Nextgenediting Account and use those funds to cover the cost of editing your future manuscripts with Nextgenediting. Your account will never expire. Another reason is to avoid multiple bank transfer fees when making purchase order payments. Just make one large purchase order and transfer funds into your Nextgenediting Account.

email us to set up these services.


Do you want to spread the cost of payment and receive large discounts? We offer subscription services for frequent customers, which are priced as follows:

95 GBP / month: 3 manuscripts per year (up to 6000 words per manuscript), including cover letter for each.
160 GBP / month: 6 manuscripts per year (up to 6000 words per manuscript), including cover letter for each.

Your subscription will start from the date you register, and this entitles you to the stated number of document edits over the subsequent twelve months. A minimum twelve-month subscription applies. If your documents are over 6000 words, additional words will be charged at our standard rate, and unused words in one document cannot be carried over to another document. Manuscript submissions will be accompanied by a free cover letter. Our usual terms and conditions apply.

email us to set up these services.
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