Free Science and medical proofreading and editing for low-income countries

Thank you for taking an interest in the Nextgenediting Global Initiative. We believe that by volunteering your time and expertise, you can genuinely help in the dissemination of quality science originating from these low-income countries.

We get frequent requests from authors from low-income countries who simply cannot afford our services. Their science is often high quality and of local relevance, but fails to make a wider impact and improve global science due to the financial and practical barriers inherent to the international scientific publishing process.

The Nextgenediting Global Initiative will ultimately improve the quality of science, the development of local research skills and infrastructure in low-income countries, and promote their inclusion in the global research agenda - by facilitating the scientific publishing process and helping raise the standards of the articles that you edit.

If you are accepted as a Nextgenediting Global Initiative Volunteer, we will send you no more than one article per week for editing. You will have one week (seven calendar days) to edit the manuscript and return it to us for quality assurance and feedback, which we will provide to you along with any further changes our professional editors have made. After you have edited five manuscripts to a high standard, you will receive a certificate of quality and competence. Most importantly, you will have made a valuable contribution and received training. If you are an experienced editor, you are of course more than welcome to volunteer your time.

Terms & Conditions

In the trial phase of the Nextgenediting Global Initiative, we aim to select, recruit, and work very closely with ten volunteers. Volunteers will be required to sign our confidentiality agreement to preserve the confidentiality of our authors' work. Volunteers may withdraw from the scheme at any time, and Nextgenediting reserves the right not to use the services of volunteers. Participation in the programme does not entitle volunteers to any renumeration or paid work from Nextgenediting. The Nextgenediting Global Initiative is non-profit making and made possible through appropriate allocation of internal resources.

Update 4th April 2013

We have now recruited our first group of Global Initiative Volunteer Editors. Depending on how this project progresses, there may be opportunities in the future. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to hear about updates, news, and opportunities at Nextgenediting.