Free Science and medical proofreading and editing for low-income countries

The Nextgenediting Global Initiative aims to provide high-quality manuscript editing to authors from low-income countries, thanks to a team of volunteer editors who benefit from the experience gained by editing your work.

We believe that by offering these services, you will have a greater opportunity to publish in competitive, international journals. You will also benefit from receiving quality feedback on your written work, which will help your writing in the future. You can feel reassured that we will maintain our extremely high standards of editing via mentoring and training of the volunteers enrolled on the initiative.

Please click here to see if your country qualifies. In order to take advantage of the Nextgenediting Global Initiative, you may need to provide evidence that over 50% of your research funding originated in a qualifying country. Please note that we only accept manuscripts prepared for submission to a recognised, peer-reviewed journal.

If you are an author from a qualifying country, please submit your article using the simple form below. For all other submissions, please go to our main submission page here.