Freelance science writing

Science writing, clinical trials, cancer statistics
Why undervalue your innovation through poor communication?

Sell your hard work and discoveries to your stakeholders - the public, media, industry, charities, fundraisers, and colleagues - with professional literature and graphics. Make complex concepts easy to understand.

• We can help you interpret and communicate complex scientific ideas to a lay audience.
Explanation and interpretation of statistics in the medical and scientific literature - we have particular expertise in genetics and bioinformatics.
• Freelance science writing: research, writing, and editing of scientific news articles.
Preparation of materials for business, trade, and professional publications.

As a forward-looking company who recognises the role that technology plays in modern science and medicine, we can also help you harness the power of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Vine).

We charge on a per project basis.

We can help you communicate your science. Contact us for more information.
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