Free Science and medical proofreading and editing for low-income countries

nextgenediting global initiative
In order to achieve our mission of improving the communication and dissemination of quality science, Nextgenediting seeks to break down the barriers which prevent scientists from low-income countries accessing our services. We also recognise that scientists embarking on a career in editing find it difficult to get the 'on-the-job' experience and training they need to progress in their chosen career.

The Nextgenediting Global Initiative bridges these two unmet needs.

If you are an author who receives over 50% of your research funding from one of
these low-income countries, we will not charge you to edit your manuscript. Your manuscript will be edited by a 'training' editor, recruited and quality-assured by us.

If you are a publisher, please
contact us for further information on how you can benefit from this initiative.

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