The Nextgenediting Global Initiative - Update #2

We just wanted to post a brief update on the Nextgenediting Global Initiative.

We are now no longer accepting applications for volunteer editors. We received over one hundred applications, which was an unexpected and phenomenal response.

We have selected twelve individuals for the first phase of this exciting project, all of whom demonstrated that they have a real passion for the social aspects of the initiative, often very personally. 

We believe that we have struck the right balance in terms of experience and qualifications in the group. Half have doctorates, while the other half possess other experience or attributes which we feel will enrich the group and ultimately improve the quality of service. We believe that we can all learn a lot from each other through this diversity, and those with less experience can benefit from interacting with more experienced colleagues. Our focus will unashamedly be on the science, since we believe it is the quality of the science (and what we can do to improve it) that matters most to the successful dissemination of scientific endeavour.

We are starting to receive interest from authors from low-income countries, and we are pursuing links with publishers to improve visibility of this worthwhile cause. We aim to open our doors to submissions later this month, so please continue to let people know that this service is available and that we are eager to receive submissions.

For further information, please click here.
If you are a publisher or journal editor who wants to find out more, or promote the initiative, please click here.

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