Happy 2013, and prosperous publishing to you all!

With the arrival of the New Year, the Nextgenediting team has decided to be more than just a faceless company and talk more directly with you, our visitors and customers - so here is the new Nextgenediting blog! Over the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years we intend to post regular snippets on what is going on inside the medical and science editing community, plus much, much more.

Here at Nextgenediting we’re not content just doing the day job - all of us have a passionate interest in science and medicine so we will bring you the best of what’s happening in basic and clinical science across the globe. We will keep a particular eye on publishing trends, news and developments from the publishers, and hints and tips on how to improve your manuscript submissions and achieve the highest impact. We’ll also let you know how you can use the latest technology to improve your papers, and keep you informed on what we’re doing to make our services better for you. Some of it will be serious, some technical, but we hope to develop a more informal style and try to keep you entertained. While we take our jobs very seriously indeed, we also believe there is some room in science for humour and entertainment!

We are on the regular lookout for new editors and we will use this blog - along with social media - to let you know when we are recruiting, so keep looking and sign up for our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our aim is not to be didactic, so please comment and contribute. We love to hear your feedback and by doing so we believe we will continue to achieve our (informal) motto - to exceed your expectations.

We are genuinely looking forward to having this conversation with you in 2013. Drop us an email if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Best wishes to you all.

The Nextgenediting Team.

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